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Ready…Set….Almost there!!

Tomorrow (Saturday) is the day. The one I’ve been preparing for all summer- the Great Triathlon. *blows regal trumpets* my sisters and I do triathlons together, and our team is called Corn, Beans and Squash. Like the three sisters- clever, huh?

So, I’ve been training a LOT this summer, biking all over the place to get ready and build up muscles, especially for this triathlon- the biking section of the course is brutal- it’s only 13+ miles but it’s up a road called Mountain View. Yeah. With a literal mountain. (Doesn’t that sound like so much fun?!) it is a pretty course though, the featured image is from the course. And so is the one up top there ^^

Training has been harder lately, since I also have school and a million other things going on. During the summer, I could bike mostly whenever I wanted, any time of day. Now I am more limited to during my lunch break and after school, but before it gets dark. I’ve managed to work around that, and I think I’ve trained well.

So. Back to tomorrow. I did a light ride on Thursday to keep my muscles in tune, and I was super happy with how it went. I had to hurry so I could get home in time, and so I went faster than normal, and my pace (minutes per mile) was quite a bit faster than us usual. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow- I’m a bit nervous about that huge hilly road. (Hey, at least there’s a downhill section- I LOVE RIDING DOWNHILL!!) My goal is to bike it in a hour, but definitely in less than an hour and fifteen minutes. My sisters have been training really hard for the other two sections, and I know that we will all do great.

Despite the hard training (and the mental game aspect of it) I am genuinely excited about the triathlon. Bring it on- Corn, Beans, and Squash is back in business! Be sure to like, comment and smash that subscribe button (XD I’ve always wanted to say that) to read more rambly content like this one- and to stay updated on the race! Caio!


6 thoughts on “Ready…Set….Almost there!!”

  1. I hope you have lots of fun! It looks like a beautiful route! I think that it would be fun to do a triathlon with my sister’s sometime! 😃 Good luck!

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