Blog Buttons

Blog buttons are basically advertisements for other blogs, so readers can discover new blogs to read. These are some of my personal favorites, and you can click on the images to read more. If you want to exchange blog buttons, let me know in the comments!

My friend Rebekah’s blog!
Aayushi’s blog, My Ash Radiance!
Pearl’s blog, Pearl Christine!
Selina’s fabulous blog, Simply Selina!
Maggie’s blog, (one of my favorites!) Maggie’s Doodles!
Check out Rose’s blog, a really fun blog written by a Christian teenage girl!
Mayim’s blog, the Braided vine! It’s an aesthetic life blog by a Christian teenager, and it’s really fun!

20 thoughts on “Blog Buttons”

  1. Ooh, sure, thanks for asking! I’ll get that done today or tomorrow. There’s a lot of cool blogs on your community page- I’ll definitely check some of them out!


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