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Ready…Set….Almost there!!

Tomorrow (Saturday) is the day. The one I’ve been preparing for all summer- the Great Triathlon. *blows regal trumpets* my sisters and I do triathlons together, and our team is called Corn, Beans and Squash. Like the three sisters- clever, huh? So, I’ve been training a LOT this summer, biking all over the place to… Continue reading Ready…Set….Almost there!!

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The Rambling and Quote-and-Picture Riddled Post About Biking…

Ha! I think for once I don't need an explanation for my post- I think the title pretty much says it all XD and now I just explained why I wasn't doing an explanation...Oh well, let's just jump right in! (I say that a lot too!) “The bicycle is a curious vehicle. Its passenger is… Continue reading The Rambling and Quote-and-Picture Riddled Post About Biking…

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My Month In Technicolor

(Also known as the monthly photo dump...) Hi y’all! It’s officially the last week of August- where has the summer gone?! But hey- it’s practically fall now (almost) and that is my favorite season! So, let’s jump straight into this month's review. The swing ride is always fun- you spin around super fast and your… Continue reading My Month In Technicolor

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Triathlon #1 is in the books!

Pre-race. We’re all very excited! Every year, I do a triathlon with my sisters A and M. This is the third year we have participated, and it has become a fun tradition. Our team is called Corn, Beans and Squash- the three sisters. I am super excited to tell you about it, hence this long… Continue reading Triathlon #1 is in the books!