• My Name Is Betsy Jane

    What is your middle name? Does it carry any special meaning/significance?

    My name is Betsy Jane.

    Betsy is “daughter,” or “worshipper of God.”

    Jane is “God is gracious,”

    “Yahweh is merciful.”

    The first; Hebrew.


    The second; English, French, Hebrew.

    Jane, Jehanne, Yochanan.

    The rhythm flows on my lips.

    The day I was born,

    A warm autumn day,

    They placed me in my father’s arms,

    He named me Betsy.

    Betsy Jane.

    Names are like a river

    Flowing, changing through the passage of time.

    Jane, Jehanne, Yochanan.

    Fufilling its meaning,

    A worshipping daughter

    of the gracious Yaweh.

    I think of those who have lived before me.

    With me.

    Those yet to come.

    We share this in common,

    Those named Betsy.

    History continues,

    The river flows on.

    With Betsy Jane.

  • The Once Upon A Time Book Tag

    It’s been awhile since I’ve done any blog tags, and this seems like the perfect one to start back with. I first saw it on Rebekah’s blog, and she left an open nomination. (The list of prompts is on this post as well.

    Cinderella—a book that changed your life

    The Bible. I can’t think of any other books that have hugely impacted me.

    Sleeping Beauty—a book that took you forever to finish

    20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: Jules Verne | Anderson Design Group

    20,000 Leagues Under The Sea by Jules Verne. I had to read it for school, and I wasn’t a huge fan. I got more into it as the book progressed though. It took about 3 weeks to read- usually, I find a book and read it straight through whether I like it or not, so I can move on to the next book.

    A Thousand and One Nights—a book you couldn’t stop reading

    Crickets Don’t Cry by Charles Martin. It was a bittersweet tale, filled with heart and hope. The little girl, Annie, was so sweet and filled with life even though she was facing serious health problems. I loved the emotional depth of the story.

    Little Red Riding Hood—a book you recently read in an unfamiliar genre

    The Half-Stitched Amish Quilting Club by Wanda Brunstetter. The Amish genre isn’t something I’m a huge fan of, by my sister read it recently and raved about how good it was, so I read it. It was about what I expected, decent but nothing earthshattering.

    The Wild Swans—a book with your favorite sibling relationships

    Rilla of Ingleside by L. M. Montgomery. Anne’s six children have a delightful camaraderie, and I love the relationship between Rilla and Walter, especially. As Rilla grows and matures, they grow closer. It’s overall a bittersweet tale with a tragic middle and a joyous end.

    Snow White—a book filled with beautiful prose

    Pin by Brittany Chavez on Text and Type | Beloved book, Book worms,  Childrens books

    Winnie The Pooh by A. A. Milne. This book is so sweet and beautiful, and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

    Rapunzel – a book you procrastinated on reading after buying

    Finding Quiet by Jamie Grace. Wait, let me explain! I bought it while we were in Florida and saved it until the car ride home a few days later. I really wanted to read it though! I don’t buy books a lot, and I only get books from the library that I want to read.

    (Ooh, a book I’ve procrastinated on buying is Behind the Lights: The Extraordinary Story of a Mum and Her Family by Helen Smallbone. I really want to read it, I’m just to cheap to buy it. I’m going to look for it at the library though!)

    The Little Mermaid – a book that took you on a magical journey

    The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. This is another of my favorite books- EVER! It is so sweet and sad, and I love the mystical, mysterious aspects of it.

    The Frog Prince – a book you’d like to turn into a frog because you hated it so much

    Green by Tedd Dekker. Still, the judgement sounds a little harsh. I’m not into the horror/sci-fi/fantasy/thriller/Christian genre of ALL the things smashed together.

    Peter Pan – a book that reminds you of your childhood

    Mike Mulligan and the Steam Shovel. We read this book a lot when I was little, and I always loved the happy ending! I never could figure out why nobody planned a way for her to get out of the basement though…

    The Goose Girl – a book that you had low expectations for, but ended up loving

    The Dead Don’t Dance and Maggie by Charles Martin (combined in one book as Down Where My Love Lies). I was expecting a cheesy sort of novel, and a boring/predictable plot line. It wasn’t either of those- much to my delight. It was a deep love story of a love that never gives up hope, and never stops believing. Trust me, you’ll cry.

    Hansel and Gretel – a book that made you hungry

    Six-Dinner Sid by Inga Moore. It’s not about humans eating, but the cat is eating every other page, so it really does make one contemplate food. It is a kid’s book, but an adorable one about a genius cat.

    And that’s that! Thanks for leaving an open nomination, Rebekah! I also leave an open nomination for anyone who loves answering questions, doing blog tags and reading books!

    Have you read any of these books? What books should I find to read next?

  • hands to help, heart to God

    Recently, my dad, sister anna, and I had an opportunity to go on a week-long mission trip to Arcadia, Florida with some other people from our church. We went as a part of the Mennonite Disaster Service, which helps to rebuild communities after they have been ravaged by natural disasters. The community of Arcadia was hit by Hurricane Ian last year, and there was a lot of work to be done. I wrote down a daily journal of sorts of the things we did.

    Sunday: We arrived around 12:30 because we hadn’t stopped for dinner or breakfast. We went to Cracker Barrel with Wilmer and Lorraine, where I bought a leopard print baseball hat for roofing since I forgot to bring one. Then, we went to the beach in Venice, FL, which was beautiful! The water was a gorgeous aqua and felt wonderful after a long car ride. I found a few shells, too. We met most of the long-term leaders. Ray and Martha were the head honchos. Ray was in charge of assignments and general leadership of the teams, and Martha kept track of the finances and expenditures of MDS. Martha was fun, and I played a bunch of games with her. J. Ray and Mim were also nice. J. Ray transported materials, shuttled people and supplies as needed, and ran general errands between the groups. Mim was really nice, although I don’t know what her official job was. Steve and Kathy were the cooks- and good ones, too! Kathy was nice and had lots of good food for all the hungry workers. Steve was funny- and he really liked playing games. Wilmer and Lorraine were also there and were project leaders. Merlyn, a Canadian guy, was the leader of the roofing team I was on. He was a good leader and kept things running smoothly on the roof. 

    Monday: Merlyn, Susan, Daddy, Carl, Max, Lawrence, and I put a roof on. The first few rows of shingles on one side were done, but the rest we did, including the ridge cap and vent. That took all day, and we had some problems with the ridge caps being cut wrong, but we managed to finish. I carried shingles and lined them up for the people with nailers, usually Susan and/or Max, banged in nails, swept off the roof, fetched tools from the other end, and generally tried to be helpful. I didn’t do a lot of nailing, since there were only 2 nailers, and Susan liked doing it and the guys needed the other one to do the ends. I did do some though, but I was pretty slow at it. It was kinda fun though, but I’d rather be a gopher. I also moved around shingles, (did you know that a bundle weighs 70 pounds?) and generally tried to be more useful than a nuisance. I did really enjoy roofing, and despite my fried shoulders, I’d still pick that over something inside. That project was a good crash course in roofing because a.) daddy was there and explained stuff to me and told me how to help, like lining up shingles, sweeping off the crumbs, etc, b.) it wasn’t very steep, and the ladder felt quite safe, c.) there weren’t many vents/pipes, so we could just run 3-5 rows across without a problem; it felt very efficient! and d.) there were lots of people who knew what they were doing, and also Susan was on that crew. I talked with Susan a bunch during our breaks, and it was interesting to get to know her. She’s the 4th-youngest of 10 kids and has 10 nieces and nephews. We were talking about our nieces and nephews, and she said that her 2-year-old nephew was having a kidney transplant- on that day! It went well though, and he was doing well last I heard. I got sunburnt because I wasn’t wearing sunscreen. it was a farmer’s tan on Monday, but after that, I rolled up my sleeves and applied liberal sunscreen to prevent it from getting fried. Despite my best efforts, I still ended up with absolutely roasted upper arms. My lower arms already started fading to tan, but the test is going to be sensitive and sore for a few more days yet. I’m happy I got a hat because I would’ve roasted my face too. It also kept my hair out of my face, which was practical and helpful. The leopard print kinda grew on me as the week went on. I slept well though, my mattress was decently comfortable. I got the top bunk, which made me happy! There was just Charity, anna, and Becky in my room, and that was nice. Towards the end of the week, I started waking up at exactly 5:39, mostly because of the exceedingly annoying crickets in the lounge area. I played 5 Crowns with Martha and a bunch of other people, which was fun! 

    Tuesday: Our group changed a little bit, but then stayed the same the rest of the week. There was Merlyn, Susan, Kaitlyn, me, Max, and Joel. We started a house in the morning and worked until it was in progress. It was larger than the roof yesterday, but it was just flattish and straightforward. We got it to about 2/3 done on each side so that it was ready for the inspector to see it in progress and approve it. After a quick stop for ice cream, which was delicious, we went to a house on Lee St. to start shingling. We ran out of shingles, but we got a decent amount started on one side, and finished the other. There were cacti by the road, and Kaitlyn pulled one for Susan. I picked one too, a double one attached to the mother plant, and good roots. I named it Trent and Mandy, wrapped them in moist paper towels, and put them in my polka-dotty ice cream cup. This is the day when I took pictures, but I didn’t get a lot of good ones. There were orange trees by two of the houses we worked at, and I thought that it was cool that oranges just randomly grow in backyards. After showers, we had dinner. The food was delicious all week- we had breakfast burritos, fruit and yogurt, breakfast pizza, eggs, biscuits and gravy, grits, and juice- lots of good stuff for breakfast! I personally liked the pizza and biscuits the best. She used self-rising flour, buttermilk, and grated butter to make the biscuits, and they were the best biscuits I’ve ever eaten! For lunch, we packed a variety of things. My standard was a turkey and provolone sandwich on whole wheat bread with a bit of mayonnaise, a fruit cup of peaches, orange and yellow pepper slices, a blue Gatorade zero (or two), and a baggie of trail mix with raisins, chocolate chips, macadamias, and cashews. I drank so much water- at least 5 waters and 1 Gatorade a day. And yet I still felt slightly dehydrated- roofing in the full son really takes the energy out of you. For dinners, we had pot roast and baked potatoes, lasagna, sloppy joes (which were SO good!), salads, veggies, etc. Everything was delicious. And of course, we had dessert too. She made blackberry cobbler, apple pie slabs, ice cream, and all sorts of delicious goodies. I played marble chase with Max, Wilmer, J. Ray, and two other people who I forget- which was fun because there were 6 people. It’s a great game! 

    Wednesday: We did roll on roofing, on the house on Lee St. and that was not fun. The tar got everywhere, and it was a hot, sticky mess. We had to wait until the underlayment dried, so we worked on the main roof for a while, until we ran out of shingles. We finished about 3/4 of the roll on roofing and made a bit of progress in the shingles, but we only had one nailer. I ruined my jeans and shirt (which I did expect because they were covered with tar. We had to wash off our tools and hands with gas to get the tar off, and it smelled so bad. Susan and Kaitlyn talked to the lady who owned the house, her name was Rosa Jane, and she wanted a Bible. We got one for her on Friday, and we all signed it. After dinner, I played Marble Chase with Mim, Wilmer, and daddy. Mim and I won twice- we were really on a roll!  I also worked on a cat puzzle a little bit with Charity, Steve, Anna, and Lorraine. Puzzles were going on all week- it’s a surprisingly relaxing activity! Most were 500 pieces, there was a cat one, a candy shop one, a Saturday Evening Post one, and then they started a 1,000 piece on Thursday night. That one was the hardest because here shapes were really strangely shaped, and there weren’t a lot of unique colors to get started with. The shower trailer had 4 showers, and that’s not a lot for 28 people! There was always a line, and you had to be quick if you wanted to get a shower or get dressed after work or before breakfast. 

    Thursday: We finished the first roof on Tuesday because the inspector had approved it. We finished the ridge, which went pretty fast because the caps were cut right. Kaitlyn and I had cut them, and I got a nasty blister from the shears. After a nice leisurely lunch in her carport (she had two fans going and chairs for everyone) and Kaitlyn and Susan having a mini water fight, we moved on to the next house. It took all of 20 minutes to finish that project because it only needed ridge caps for about 10 feet of roof (the previous crew ran out of materials). I didn’t really help with that, I mostly rolled up the air compressor hoses, because we had gotten them out and not needed them. Then we talked to the lady, who was sweet and friendly. She’s lived in Florida since 1979, and she said that Hurricane Ian was the worst they’ve had in a long time. She had some lovely flowers by her door, orchids, and something else, but I forget. One of the orchids was her daughter, who died during COVID. It sounds like she’s probably had a rough couple of years, but she was really positive about it. She was talking about how every time she walks outside, she wants to enjoy it, because there is no guarantee of tomorrow, and she wants to enjoy life while God gives her breath. It sounds kinda cliche, but I think she was genuinely doing her best to enjoy what God gives her, and trying to see His plan even in challenging times. We had a nice chat with her, and it was nice because we didn’t see any of the other homeowners (even though they’re supposed to watch the roofers- they have to sign a paper for the inspection that says that the roofers did it right.) and it was nice to see someone. She was really happy that we finished her roof. Finally, we went to a mobile home and finished the roof on that. We worked there all afternoon and finished the roof. There were a lot of vents and pipes, so it took longer than usual to get going with several runs of shingles straight across. The shingles were sandy, too. Up until then, they had been rocky, but these ones dropped grit and sand when you pulled them out. It keeps getting in my boots, rubbing on my ankles, and sticking to my sunscreen and sweat. Gross! Our crew worked really well together, and I enjoyed working with them. They were all fairly chatty, chill, and generally nice. I liked getting to know Susan and Kaitlyn, although I was surprised when they told me how old they were (18 and 19, respectively). Charity was too- they looked a lot younger, maybe 15 or 16. They came down from Lancaster, and their group played volleyball every night. They often played until 1030 or 1100- even though bedtime was at 10! Anna and I played Wizard with Martha, Becky, Carl, and Steve, with Ray keeping score. I liked that game- I almost won. After that, I played SkyJo with Charity and Anna, and Becky. That was a lot of fun, and we had a good time playing together. We played almost every night because it was a simple yet challenging game. 

    Friday: We were *surprise* roofing again. It was our crew’s first time there, but other groups had been tearing off shingles and prepping it for a new roof. We laid on the peel-and-stick leak guard, nailed on some shingles on the newly laid leak stuff, and I helped tear up shingles and flashing on one of the sides. That was a bit difficult because there was a pipe with an electrical wire running to it, so I couldn’t touch it. We had to get the shingles from around it, which doesn’t sound hard, but the roof was at an angle, the wires were at an angle, and it was at the very edge of the roof. We left around noon and headed back to the base with the rest of the northern PA group. Becky and Max and I mopped and tidied the dining hall and hallway in the church. We packed up, and left around 3:00.

    This is the group of people who were volunteering that week.

    I liked getting to know people better on the trip, and I feel like we have a better connection because we’ve worked together and played together, even survived an 18-hour car trip together.

  • film: the grainy, the blurry, and the straight-up beauty

    A new-ish hobby of mine is film photography, specifically, black and white film photography. I got film for Christmas (thanks, Daniel!) and jumped headlong into it with just a basic knowledge of photography – aka I know just enough to be dangerous – and an enthusiastic desire to capture people and things in my life as they are- not posed or primped, just authentic. I’m using a Yashica 35 mm, which I named Claire because it’s latin orgins mean “clear” or “bright.” My brother Nathaniel, who is a great film photographer, gave me a crash course in the finer details of film which was really helpful. I got my first roll of film back a few days ago, and I’m excited to share them with you. Film photography has a steep learning curve, so most of these pictures are a bit cluttered, grainy, or out of focus (or all three!). At first, I was only going to post the better ones, but after some thought, I decided to show them all. Life isn’t all perfectly composed, in focus, and Instagram ready, and neither are my photos. I still love them all though, because they are a part of my life, moments I’ve experienced, etc. I can show how far I’ve come if I show from whence I came. Now, after that bit of deep, philosophical intro, let’s get to some pictures!

    I love this one, mostly because of the vintage vibe it has. Think WWII soldiers standing by a fence with their moms- that’s the vibe I get, partly because of the graininess.

    AnnaKate and our niece, E. We went on a walk to a park- perfect for taking photos!

    One of my favorites! This is AnnaKate as she usually is, smiling, and wearing her pink adidas sweatshirt.

    This is apparently what happens when you tell your niece to smile- she goes from smiling to whatever this is. It’s still cute though!

    My brother took this one. There’s another one below where we are actually looking, haha!

    I really like this one of my mama. I should’ve moved a little bit so the picnic tables weren’t in the back, but oh well.

    Hey, we’re looking!

    This is my brother Nathaniel, the resident film photography expert.

    This is his dog, Margo, who is just a giant fluffy sweetheart.

    My mama again!

    I should’ve moved a tad closer, I think. But hey, Margo is looking!

    Ella and her blue raspberry slushie from McDonald’s.

    One of my other neices, A, who is also not super thrilled with trivial things such as looking at cameras when told to smile. She’s so cute though!

    She looks like she’s focusing super hard on doing a yoga position of something, lol.

    It’s a bit overexposed, but I still really like the lighting in this one. My favorite kitty and a very sweet neie on a sunny day- perfect! I wish that Millie (cat) would’ve looked though.

    AYYYY he’s so sweet! This is my oldest nephew, C. (His sibs are A and L, as well as S who isn’t in these pictures…) This was one of the few posed pictures, I asked him to sit and the sunny spot and smile. Sadly, I didn’t focus well. At least you can still tell that he’s smiling!

    This is L, putting a puzzle together amidst floor renovations. (Hence the clutter.)

    C and A playing with playdo, a favorite activity of theirs. And it’s even by lovely sunny windows.

    She is so intent on cutting the playdo- this is one of my favorites of her from this roll. The little flyaway hair is adorable, haha.


    C again, I like it, I think the part of him looking away is interesting.

    Classic L- a little spunky! He was more than willing to smile – and do this face- for the camera.

    Awww, so sweet!

    My dad working on the floor- I like the window shadow.

    Ta-da! There’s the first roll of film from 2023 (well, that turned out. The first one didn’t because it wasn’t a good roll…). What was your favorite? Do you do any photography? Do you have neices and nephews? Let’s chat!

    p.s. thanks to my followers- I just got to 50!

  • My Month In Review || January

    Hello friends, and welcome to a review of January. I was thinking that this was going to be a boring post because not a lot happened, but as I was looking at the calendar, a bunch of things did happen. In essence, January was very slow, but also flew by.

    What I Did…

    • I got a perm, which was interesting! I’m not going to go into detail because I already wrote about it here.
    • I got a manicure with my mom and sisters, which was fun!
    • I embroidered on a denim jacket I have, and I like the way it turned out.
    • I did a pottery clss with my mom, and we made mugs with designs on them. It was the first time I had done pottery, and I enjoyed it.
    • I redesigned PoppySeeds, and I’m super happy with it! The menu, logo, color, and fonts are all updated.
    • we went to visit my brother and his family and it was super fun! We got tacos (delicious!) watched movies, and went to a playground, which was really fun.
    • I started getting into film photography. My brother taught me some stuff while we were visiting, and I learned some new tips and tricks.
    • I started rollerblading- a slightly dangerous hobby, but fun nonetheless!

    What I Read…

    • Anne’s House Of Dreams– I cannot get enough of this series. I have read this book so many times, and I never get tired of it. I also read a few others in the Anne Of Green Gables series.
    • The Responsibility of Ruffles– This is a light, fluffy, mostly plotless book. But I still like it. It was published in 1913, and it’s about a family and their friends on vacation. It’s sweet, charming, and an entertaining read.
    • Maggie and The Dead Don’t Dance– This is a series by Charles Martin, and it’s SO GOOD, yet really sad. It’s well-written and has a great plot line.

    What I Listened To

    • Tell Ya Later– a podcast started by Will Ryan and Katie Leigh, and now hosted by Katie Leigh. It’s an interesting and fun podcast. She has a lot of guests come on, mostly in the voiceacting and entertainment world.
    • The soundtrack from A Week Away– the remix of Baby Baby and Dive are my personal favorites!
    • Heart In Motion album by Amy Grant
    • Signs Of Life album by Stephen Curtis Chapman
    • Geoff Moore & The Distance Greatest Hits

    Goals for February:

    • Go to a college visit! That will be later in the month, and I’m really excited!
    • Celebrate Valentines Day- I have a few ideas for super fun valentines for my family…more on that later!
    • Go Running 2x a week
    • Blog at least once a week
    • Get some of my film developed
    • Drink more water
    • Read Adventures in Oddity, and there are a few other books I want to get from the library.

    Random Things to Celebrate In February:

    • World Hippopotamus Day on the 15
    • National Tater Tot Day on the 2
    • National Umbrella Day on the 10
    • National Strawberry Day on the 27 (I wonder why that’s not in say, June, when there’s actually strawberries growing?)
    • National White Shirt Day on the 11

    That’s it for now! What did you do last month, and what are you looking forward to this month? I’d love to chat in the comments!

  • On Getting Back Up Again

    This year, I’ve started running. I do a triathlon with my sisters every year, and this year it requires that I run 3.54 miles in a timely manner. But here’s the thing. I don’t like running, specifically, the difficulty in building up muscle and gaining strength. And the pain. And the feeling of wheezing in cold air when it feels like my lungs collapsed 5 minutes ago.

    There are all sorts of people out there who rave about the “runner’s high,” and the joy and serenity they get from running into the sunset, spreading their arms out, and closing their eyes as they breathe deeply in the fresh mountain air, the golden glow of the sun highlighting their photogenic running silhouette. Not me. I just hit the wall, over and over and over. And jog like a grandma, while my face gets all sweaty and red and I try really hard not to cry tears of agony. My breathing sounds like a mix between a whistle and a freight train as I breathe in cold, damp air that smells like the creek. It’s cloudy, so I’m not even photogenically silhouetted by the sunset.

    So why should I keep doing it? Keep hitting (more like slamming into) the wall when I really want to quit and go home?

    I’ve started rollerblading, too. It requires balance, agility, and general determination. And high-quality kneepads. “It’s just like ice skating,” I’ve heard. Well. I can’t ice skate. And I’m not wearing huge snow pants and a giant fluffy coat.

    It’s hard to keep my balance, push off, and stop without running into someone or faceplanting. It hurts to fall, even onto the cushioned kneepads and wrist braces. It’s frustrating to be sailing along smoothly one second, exuberantly belting out “Alexander Hamilton,” then flailing like a windmill the next as I desperately try to avoid the pebbles that menacingly dot the pavement, slamming my foot painfully into the icy hard ground. It’s a good thing I can balance well and have quick reflexes. If I couldn’t, I envision mangled knees and bruised faces. I should probably wear a helmet, except it ruins my perm. That sounds stupid to type, my head is more important than a perm. I’ll wear a helmet next time.

    It hurts to fall, and I don’t like it. I want to be in control, like when I’m on my bike. I can break down the wall with a vengeance as I push up the hill, then fly down the other side with enthusiastic glee highlighting my windswept face. What’s the difference? I’d rather bike than run, rather avoid all that pain and the ugly crying that happens as I run about town hating myself for being cheap with running shoes. I forget last summer when I hated to bike. I forget all the ugly crying up hills, wincing over sore muscles after riding 5 miles, and sweat plastering my hair to my head in a sticky tangled mess.

    There are all sorts of quotes about how getting back up is more important than falling, no matter what you do everything will be pie in the sky just so long as you get back up. But there’s more to it than that. There’s got to be a reason why you get up. If I didn’t have a reason, I’d probably be laying on my back on the sidewalk pondering the shape of the clouds and how long I could stay here without getting hypothermia. Actually, I’d probably be at home, watching yet another Studio C sketch or reading a book on the couch.

    At the end of the day, I run because I want to run well for my sisters. I want to run well just to say I did it. I want to run a 6-minute mile just to say I can. I want to run all the way up the hill, full speed just so I don’t have to say I walked up a hill. I want to run without feeling like I have a collapsed lung.

    20 minutes after my run, I’ve forgotten my pain, my ranting and berating myself, the wheezing inhales and tornado-esque exhales. I’m proud of myself. I did it. I ran 2 miles with my sister, in 22 minutes. I ran all the way to the top of the hill. I didn’t cry. My side hurt, but I kept breathing, heck, I’m even alive. Baby steps. It’s hard learning to breathe. To walk. To run. To rollerblade.

    But I’m doing it. One breath, one step, one minute, one mile, one run at a time. I’m falling, slamming into the wall, getting back up and running again. Wash, rinse, repeat. I’m going to keep falling, then getting back up. and by the end of summer, I’ll forget all the hard parts, and be able to run.

    Fall, walk, run. Bring it on.

  • PoppySeeds 2.0!

    It’s official, poppyseeds is updated, with a new color scheme, menu, format and font. I even have a new blog button!

    If you don’t mind updating your blog button page, here’s the new one! If you want to exchange blog buttons, let me know.

    Check out the rest of the site at poppyseeds1720.wordpress.com. What do you think?

  • I Got A Perm!

    Hey all, I’m back with yet another post about the new year. Sort of. As you may know, getting a perm was high on my list of new years goals/things I want to do this year. And I did it! I really love it! I’ll tell you all about it. However, there were a bunch of things I didn’t know or wasn’t sure about, so I’m here to clear up all those nagging questions you’ve been dying to know the answer to- about perms, interspersed in the rest of the post. XD. Let’s get to it!

    *The final product will be at the bottom of the post.

    These were some of the pictures I showed to my hairdresser so she knew what I was looking for. I made an appointment for January 12 and waited with great anticipation for the big day. Which brings us to question number one.

    1.Is it expensive? Yes, sort of. I paid $80 for mine, which is on the lower end of prices. I have shorter hair that is pretty fine, and my hairdresser had to use two packages of product to do it. I also live in a rural area, so it is probably more expensive if you live in a more urban area, or have longer/thicker hair.

    She washed my hair (which is SO relaxing!!) and trimmed it. Then, she rolled my hair into rollers. They were fairly small, since I wanted a tight curl.

    2. How long does it take? My perm took 3 hours. It took her the longest to roll my hair into the rollers.

    3. What does a perm entail? When you get a perm, your hair is rolled onto little rollers (the size of the rollers depends on how small of a curl you want). Then, a product is applied that breaks the salt bonds in your hair and reshapes your hair into a curly shape. A plastic bag is put over your hair to keep in the heat and help it set. Next, your hair gets rinsed, a neutralizer is applied to stop the breaking of salt bonds, and after drying it, ta-da! Your hair is curly.

    Then she took it out, one roller at a time (it was a lot quicker than putting them in!) and I tried to not look in the mirror until she was all done. I was literally shaking with excitement lol. And then, it was all out. I sat under the dryer for 15 minutes, and then she applied mousse and hairspray. Then, I looked- and I LOVE IT!!

    4. Is it hard to take care of? I was kind of worried that it would be, but it’s super easy! You can wash your hair like normal, etc. It does take a bit more care than straight hair though, lol. In the morning, I get it wet and use hair mousse to make the curls hold their shape and not be all frizzy.

    And that’s that! Have you ever had a perm, or do you want to try one?

  • Childhood Attachments…

    Describe an item you were incredibly attached to as a youth. What became of it?

    If you’ve been a blogger (or reader) on WordPress for a while, you probably know about the prompts that are on the home screen. This is the first one that caught my attention (although the one asking my opinions on meat was kind of interesting) and that I’ve posted about. So. Let’s get to it!

    I think the things I was most attached to as a child were my blue knit blanket and my teddy bear named Rosalie.

    Before I was born, my mom knitted me a baby blue blanket. It’s about the size of a lap quilt, and it is fluffy, warm, and soft. I slept with it for a long time. I’ve had it for all these years (wow that makes me sound really old!) and even though it’s getting ragged and worn, it’s still great for snuggling up with a book on cold days. One of the corners unraveled a few years ago, but my mom fixed it, and it’s still my favorite blanket.

    As for the teddy bear, I haven’t had it quite as long. My brother got married when I was 7, and the wedding was in Tennessee. My family stayed at a house there, and there was a chair filled with teddy bears of all colors, shapes, and levels of adorable fluffiness. A piece of paper said you could take a bear if you wanted, which of course I did. However, none of the bears on the chair quite struck my fancy, but there was a bear on one of the beds that I loved. I snuck a random bear off the chair and swapped it out for the lovely fluffy one. I promptly named her Rosalie, and she’s been around ever since. Despite the dog using her as a chew toy, she is still mostly intact and sits on the chair in my room.

    That’s it for today, I’ll be back one of these days with a post about…something. I’ll work on figuring that out haha. In the meantime, stay safe, stay joyful and have a wonderful day!

  • My Favorite: YouTube Channels!

    Good morning, my lovely readers. I know that nobody really likes Mondays, so here are my top 6 YouTube channels to watch when the day starts to get really, really long. All of these channels are clean and family friendly. If you still want to read about any potential content concerns, check out PluggedIn’s reviews. Without further ado, let’s start the countdown.

    #7: FOR KING + COUNTRY: This is my favorite band, and there’s only one reason they’re number 7- their channel is mostly music and lyric videos for their songs. However, a few years ago they did a few really fun vlog series that I’ve watched way to many times, lol. It is a great way to learn more about the band if you’re a new fan.

    #6: Wally Show: The Wally Show is a how on a Christian Radio station in Tennessee, and their channel is basically streaming the stuff they do on the air. They do interviews with lots of Christian music artists, games on the air, and more. The host (Wally) and co-hosts (Betty Rock and Gavin) have a great dynamic, plus they’re funny lol.

    #5: Mark Rober: I’m sure you’ve all heard of Mark Rober, the former NASA engineer who now makes a living doing YouTube videos. He’s most famous for his glitter bombs and squirrel Olympics, but he has a huge backlog of really cool stuff. It’s interesting, funny, and you’ll learn a lot of sciency things!

    #4: DUDE PERFECT!! This is a great channel, y’all. From crazy trick shots, stereotypes and an awesome show called overtime, there is a lot of interesting tuff, even if you’re like me and don’t really like sports. The guys who make up Dude Perfect have a great dynamic, and they’re pretty funny! I really like the overtime, it’s like their spin on a variety show.

    #3: Way Nation: The Way Nation channel is also a part of the radio station that ha the Wally Show channel. They have a lot of Christian music artists come for song battles, interviews, and all sorts of interesting stuff! They have a video that’s premiering today, so check it out at 4 p.m. eastern!

    #2: Danny Lopez: He is a member of the band for KING & COUNTRY, and he posts behind-the-scenes vlogs about what it’s like to play with a pop band, how the band works, and even a gear rundown that was super fascinating! I jut discovered his channel recently, and I love it a lot! It focuses entirely on the musicians in the band, Joel and Luke aren’t in it at all. I think that’s cool, because the band members are super cool, and I love learning more about the music industry, especially if it’s my favorite band!

    #1: The #1 channel on my list is… Studio C! They’re a family-friendly comedy channel that makes some great content. My favorite videos that they’ve done are from 5-10 years ago, but they still release new content on a regular basis. Here’s one of my favorite videos to get you started.

    There you have it! Do you watch any of these channels? Do you have a favorite YouTube channel? Did you watch the Studio C sketch? I’d love to chat in the comments!