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Sticky Buns!

My absolute favorite meal is breakfast, there are just so many options! I’m not the only one, because over 50% of Americans say that breakfast is their favorite meal of the day. There is even a song about breakfast! Waffles, sausage, bacon, eggs, pancakes, toast, oatmeal, the list goes on and on! But the best… Continue reading Sticky Buns!

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Oreo Christmas Trees: Poppyseeds Blog Tour 2022

Hey look, it's me again! Except instead of an announcement, I'm actually posting; that's right: it's day FOUR (!!) of the Poppyseeds Christmas Blog Tour. Before you read today's post, be sure and check out AnnaKate's post from yesterday, if you haven't already read it. She has an awesome writing blog! (Ooh, and check out… Continue reading Oreo Christmas Trees: Poppyseeds Blog Tour 2022

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Ready…Set….Almost there!!

Tomorrow (Saturday) is the day. The one I’ve been preparing for all summer- the Great Triathlon. *blows regal trumpets* my sisters and I do triathlons together, and our team is called Corn, Beans and Squash. Like the three sisters- clever, huh? So, I’ve been training a LOT this summer, biking all over the place to… Continue reading Ready…Set….Almost there!!

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My Month In Technicolor

(Also known as the monthly photo dump...) Hi y’all! It’s officially the last week of August- where has the summer gone?! But hey- it’s practically fall now (almost) and that is my favorite season! So, let’s jump straight into this month's review. The swing ride is always fun- you spin around super fast and your… Continue reading My Month In Technicolor

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Triathlon #1 is in the books!

Pre-race. We’re all very excited! Every year, I do a triathlon with my sisters A and M. This is the third year we have participated, and it has become a fun tradition. Our team is called Corn, Beans and Squash- the three sisters. I am super excited to tell you about it, hence this long… Continue reading Triathlon #1 is in the books!

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Youtheatre Workshop!

Every year for the last few years, my sister A and I have done Family Life’s Youtheatre Workshop, a weeklong acting camp. I had a lot of fun this year, even more than in other years. I am excited to tell you all about it! This year’s musical was called “You’re Not Alone,” which was… Continue reading Youtheatre Workshop!