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Blogmas Photo Dump!

Merry almost-Christmas! The title explains it all, so let’s jump right in! There are less photos than originally planned, because there were technical difficulties involving wifi, wordpress and uploading pictures. Oh well, we’ve still got a bunch!

My mom collects ntivities, and this is one from her friend (and our science teacher!) H. She got it in Russia, and gave it to my mom two years ago.

We made gingerbread houses! This one is mine, and my niece, nephews and sister also made one. We had fun, and I like how it turned out.

My aunt and uncle got this for my mom a few years ago, and it is a very intricate, fancy activity. I think the palm tree is unique and cool.

For my birthday last year, my sister gave me a glassblowing class, and I made this snowman. I have it on a helf in my room all year, and it’s a fun decoration!

My mom likes to quilt, so this is one of her favorites.

Charlie Brown, a personal favorite comic of mine (second only to Calvin and Hobbes), stars in a lovely Christmas movie, A Charlie Brown Christmas. This is one of my favorite nativities, just look at the adorable Snoopy angel.

My sister, M, made this at summer camp when she was 8. we use it for the birthday cake for Jesus (the candle goes into the green thing that the angel is holding) and it’s a fun tradition. I love the angel’s hair, and its happy smile. The blue plates that the angel is on are the special occasion dessert plates, and they’re so pretty!

LOOK AT THE BEAUTIFUL SALT LAMP!! We did a white reindeer gift exchange, and I got this. It changes colors, and it’s absolutely awesome!

I got this from my grandparents, and I love it! I do nerdle a lot, and it’s actually more fun than wordle, I think. I’m pretty bad a t wordle, and I like the challenge of doinrg themath equations.

My mom ordered something from etsy earlier this year, and this adorable little ornament came with it! I’ve been waiting to hang it for a while now. It’s so cute!

This is our philodendron, and the little reindeer!

This is one of my favorite nativities. They’re all so happy, and the sheepy has an adorable little bell. I don’t know if you can tell from the picture, but they’re little wooden spoons. Perfect for setting on the kitchen windowsill!

I got this from my grandparents yesterday, and I am super excited about it. I listened to it this morning, and it adds a lovely Christmassy touch!

That’s it for today, what were your favorite pictures from the post? Have you heard for KING & COUNTRY’s Christmas album? (link in case you haven’t…) What sort of Christmas festivities do you have going on? Let’s chat in the comments!


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