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Muscles, Bread and CO2 || Biology Report

            In biology recently, we studied cellular energy. We studied the processes of cellular respiration and photosynthesis, which both produce energy for the cell to use. I thought it was fascinating, and I decided to write about fermentation, which is another way that cells produce energy!             In cellular respiration, a cell uses glucose (sugar)… Continue reading Muscles, Bread and CO2 || Biology Report

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Getting My Guitar: A Narrative Essay

Photo by Jessica Lewis Creative on This is a narrative essay I recently wrote for my online English and Grammar class. I decided to post it on here, since playing guitar is one of my main hobbies. Enjoy reading, and let me know if there are anything that I could do to improve it.… Continue reading Getting My Guitar: A Narrative Essay

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Ready..Set…Back To School!

Photo by Pixabay on The end of summer means back to school! Monday was our official first day. My sister and I wrote this article for our newspaper, and I thought I would share it with you. What is something school has taught you that is not academic? Betsy: Two things I have learned… Continue reading Ready..Set…Back To School!