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Elegant Pumpkin Dessert || Family Recipes

Good morning all! This recipe is from my great Aunt Velma. My Aunt Joyce made it recently, and it was really good. It is an easy dessert to prepare, and you probably have all of the ingredients! I don't have a picture, but the dessert is sort of like a cobbler, and is a nice… Continue reading Elegant Pumpkin Dessert || Family Recipes

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My Month In Review!

Happy fall! Welcome to my review of September- that I wrote in October. It didn’t actually occur to me that September was over (where did all the time go?!) and it was now October, even though I read multiple end-of-month reviews…lol! So, with no further ado, here’s my review! Things I did this month: I… Continue reading My Month In Review!

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My Fall Bucket List!

Happy fall, y'all! It's finally fall, my second-favorite season! There are so many awesome things to do in the fall, and I have a whole list of things I'd like to do in this lovely season. Do a fall photoshoot with my sister (aka take a ton of pictures doing random fall things)! We did… Continue reading My Fall Bucket List!