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20 Questions Book Tag || + a GIVEAWAY!

Rebekah from Books and Hooks recently tagged me for this, and it was definitely a fun tag. Be sure to check out her answers here. Thanks for the tag, Rebekah! I enjoyed answering all of the questions. While we're on the subject of books, check out this giveaway contest to win a copy of Mike… Continue reading 20 Questions Book Tag || + a GIVEAWAY!

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The Remarkable Blogger Tag!

The Things Which Must Be Obeyed Add the featured image Tag your post with #theremarkablebloggertag Pingback to original post Mention the creator Simply Selina – I follow her, and she has a super fun blog. Check it out! Also, I found this on Joelle’s blog- click here to read her answers! Share something unique about you Answer the… Continue reading The Remarkable Blogger Tag!

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Alphabet Book Tag!

Rules: Thank the person who nominated you. Thank you, Riddhi G, for letting me do this! Go read her answers here on her blog, Whispering Stories. Link back to the original creator Inaya B. Only use the names of books you’ve read, are currently reading or have on your shelf- no researching for books. Book titles… Continue reading Alphabet Book Tag!

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Strike-Out Tag Challenge!

I love tag challenges...I saw this on Corrie’s blog, Miraculus Homeschool, and she got it from Grace A. Johnson’s blog. I think it will be a lot of fun. Feel free to steal the tag- I'm cool with that! I'd love to read y'alls answers. The list of questions is down below... The rules for… Continue reading Strike-Out Tag Challenge!