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I Got A Perm!

Hey all, I'm back with yet another post about the new year. Sort of. As you may know, getting a perm was high on my list of new years goals/things I want to do this year. And I did it! I really love it! I'll tell you all about it. However, there were a bunch… Continue reading I Got A Perm!

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A Triathlon, Skydiving and Pumpkins: My Month in Review!

It was a great month- the only thing I didn't like was how fast it went! AnnaKate, my other sister M and I did a corn maze, and we had a blast. The weather was really nice (it did get kinda cold after the sun went down though...) and we managed not to get lost.… Continue reading A Triathlon, Skydiving and Pumpkins: My Month in Review!

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Getting My Guitar: A Narrative Essay

Photo by Jessica Lewis Creative on This is a narrative essay I recently wrote for my online English and Grammar class. I decided to post it on here, since playing guitar is one of my main hobbies. Enjoy reading, and let me know if there are anything that I could do to improve it.… Continue reading Getting My Guitar: A Narrative Essay

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Life On a Farm: The Animals!

As you may know, I live on a tiny farm with my parents and one of my sisters, A. We have lived on this farm basically my whole life, and I can't imagine growing up anywhere else. I have grown up helping to produce the food my family eats, and that other people would enjoy… Continue reading Life On a Farm: The Animals!

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Strike-Out Tag Challenge!

I love tag challenges...I saw this on Corrie’s blog, Miraculus Homeschool, and she got it from Grace A. Johnson’s blog. I think it will be a lot of fun. Feel free to steal the tag- I'm cool with that! I'd love to read y'alls answers. The list of questions is down below... The rules for… Continue reading Strike-Out Tag Challenge!

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My Month In Technicolor

(Also known as the monthly photo dump...) Hi y’all! It’s officially the last week of August- where has the summer gone?! But hey- it’s practically fall now (almost) and that is my favorite season! So, let’s jump straight into this month's review. The swing ride is always fun- you spin around super fast and your… Continue reading My Month In Technicolor

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Ready..Set…Back To School!

Photo by Pixabay on The end of summer means back to school! Monday was our official first day. My sister and I wrote this article for our newspaper, and I thought I would share it with you. What is something school has taught you that is not academic? Betsy: Two things I have learned… Continue reading Ready..Set…Back To School!

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Back To School!

Photo by Frans van Heerden on It's almost the end of August, and that means several things! First, it's almost fall, which is my favorite season. Second, the weather finally cools down to a reasonable and enjoyable temperature. Finally, it's time to go back to school. My sister, A, and I are homeschooled. I… Continue reading Back To School!