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New Year, New Times: 23 Things to Try This Year

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I hope you and your family have a fabulous and fun-filled year. Today, I’ll kick off the new year with a list of 23 new things (in no particular order) that I want to try, experience, and do in the coming months.

1. Try a new hairstyle

This is a big one on my list lol. This year, I want to get a perm. I think they’re really cool, even if they are straight from the 1980s. My grandma has pictures of my cousins from the 1980s, and they both have perms. They’re really fun looking! I’m kind of nervous though, because once you get it it takes 3 months to grow out. There’s no going back. but, I think I’ll get it sooner rather than later this year. That way, if I really hate it, I can wear a beanie until it grows out. I’ll keep you posted!

2. Follow some new blogs

I love reading all of your blogs, and this year I want to discover some more to follow and read. What blogs would you recommend?

3. Learn American Sign Language

I’ve been wanting to learn ASL for awhile, so I guess 2023 is a great time to start!

4. Save $2,023

I found this saving chart on Pinterest for saving $2000 in 31 days, but I’m going to use it for the whole year instead of a month lol.

5. Knit a sweater

I saw this really cute sweater that Jess (from the blog Comfort Read Books) made, and I really want to try it! Click here to see the picture and pattern from Ravelry, or on Jess’s blog here.

6. Run 250 miles

Oof. I’m already regretting this goal. I don’t particularly like running(although I’veonly gone running three times), but I want to do a triathlon with my sisters, which requires that I be able to run 3.6 miles in a timely manner. I printed out a schedule, and I want to stick to it as best as I can.

7. Memorize 23 Bible Verses

I’m not very diligent about memorizing the Bible, and that’s something I want to work on this year. I want to start with the Roman’s Road and 1 Corinthian’s 13, and go from there.

8. Bike 500 Miles

I’m super excited for this one. Just to clarify though, this is throughout the year, not all at once. (I’m not completely crazy.) Biking is my favorite summer activity, and I can’t wait to get back into it.

9. Learn guitar tablature

This goal is pretty self explanatory, and shoudln’t be terribly hard. I ned to get back into practicing guitar more regularly, and I was inspired after watching Danny Lopez’s vlog about the music and BTS of for KING & COUNTRY’s Christmas tour. Check it out on YouTube!

10. Do a bike race

As previously mentioned, I love biking. There’s a local bike race that is around 50 miles, and my sister and I are planning on doing it this September.

11. Reach 200 blog followers

Sure, it’s a lofty goal, but I’m hoping to blog more consistently this year and work out a real schedule. what do you all want to see more of in the coming year? I’d love suggestions!

12. Write more poems

I’ve been writing poems this past year, and I wrote around 15. This year I’d like to figure out my writing style and work on perfecting it.

13. Be able to do 50 pushups

Yeah, pushups are not my thing. But I’m planning on doing a bike race and 2 or 3 triathlons, so I should probably be prepared lol.

14. Learn a new language

I would love to learn Vietnamese (it’s such a beautiful language!), but I think I’ll try and learn Spanish. I haven’t decided how though. I might try Duolingo or something, because Rosetta Stone hasn’t worked in the past.

15. Find some good podcasts

I may or may not end up actually doing this, because there’s one podcast I really like at the moment. It’s called WODFAMCHOCPOD and it’s reviews of Adventures in Odyssey episodes. It’s better than every other AIO podcast I’ve listened to, so you should check it out! It’s funny, they’re still releasing episodes every week, and besides that; I just love everything Adventures in Odyssey!

16. Learn the art of film photography

I want to get more into photography, and figure out exactly how my camera works, because at this point I only know enough to be dangerous haha.

17. Try a photography challenge

Side note: I couldn’t see the image (above) on the website, but I was able to see it in the WordPress app.

I’ SO excited about this one!! I recently saw this on a blog I follow called light & magic | conversations about photography (be sure to check out her blog and her post about this p52 challenge, it’s really interesting!). It looks like a fun and not terribly overwhelming way to get more into photography. i have a 35 mm film camera, and I got film for Christmas. I’m excited about trying it! I’m going to do it all in b&w, or at least the majority of it, because I love the look of black and white photography.

18. Redo my wardrobe

This year I want to redo my wardrobe, and go for a more minimalist style. I got a gift card to ThredUp for Christmas, which is an online thrift store. They have a ton of cool stuff, and I’m excited about it!

19. Take a pottery class

My sister M and I are doing a pottery class this month, and we’re going to make a mug. I’m super excited- I’ve never done anything with pottery before!

20. Go to a for KING & COUNTRY concert

I would love to go to their spring tour, but it would also be cool to go to one of their summer festivals, and maybe even a Christmas tour! If I had to pick just one, I would probably choose the summer festival- that sounds like a great experience!

21. Bake something new

Specifically, puff pastry and macarons. I made puff pastry before but it didn’t turn out very well, and I’ve always wanted to make macarons!

22. Read War and Peace

I mean, it’s a classic book. I haven’t read it, and I definitely want to one of these days, along with other classic books like Jane Austen.

23. What else?

What else should I add to my list of goals? What are your goals for 2022?

Finally, thank you all for your support and for reading my ramblings this year. Starting a blog is something I’d been thinking about for a long time, and the stress of starting it was definitely worth it. Thank you all for a great year!


5 thoughts on “New Year, New Times: 23 Things to Try This Year”

  1. Good luck with all of these! I’d like to read War and Peace one day too…but probably not anytime soon,


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