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Blog Tour || An Interview with Pearl Christine

Welcome back to PoppySeeds, and welcome to the Pearl Christine’s blog tour! She recently launched her new blog, Pearl Christine, so be sure to check it out and show your support.

Pearl Christine is a Jesus-loving historical and contemporary fiction writer who writes to glorify and serve her King. When she’s not writing, you can find her lost in the woods with her camera, in the middle of another creative project, spending time with her seven siblings, running, or writing and decorating letters. You can find her at her website,, where she talks about all things creative.

•What is a random fact about yourself?

Mm, I’m not a super interesting person. . . I guess that I have seven siblings. 😀 Not super random, but it is a fact about myself. 

•Congratulations on launching your new blog! What can we expect to read on Pearl Christine

Thank you! ❤ My blog will hold everything from photo dumps and snippets & other things about my writing, to craft projects and inspiration. 

•That sounds awesome! What is your favorite thing about blogging?

Ah, there are so many things that I love about blogging! Favorite thing would be the community! There are so many wonderful people who take the time to read my posts and support me, and it means so much ❤ I’ve met quite a few people that I wouldn’t have met if I didn’t blog, and I’m immensely glad I did decide to start blogging and have the chance to meet so many amazing bloggers.

•What is your favorite DIY project you’ve done?

Ooh, I’ve done a lot of fun projects. . . I’d say making this year’s fall wreath was especially fun because it was so many sunflowers. But I’ve also loved some of the bracelets I’ve made for penpals, too.

•How many craft projects do you have going? 

It just depends! Right now, I’ve just finished up with a few of my main ones (wreaths, bracelet making, baking, etc), and I’ve mainly been focusing on getting my blog up and running and writing, but I do have a few ideas. 

•What is your favorite art medium? 

Ooh. . .watercolors, I’d say. They’re so much fun to use to paint with but can make pretty hand-lettering or a great background for any other sort of project.

•What writing projects are you working on that you are the most excited about?

I have quite a few different writing projects going right now, but the one I’m super excited for is the one that I outlined over the summer, and I’m going to be drafting for NaNoWriMo (national novel writing month) next month. Here’s the blurb. . . 

This summer, Eleanor Miller has a wonderful surprise: A whole month staying with her aunt in her big bed and breakfast, right on the beach in Sunset Bay, along with her older sister, Lily. Soon, they both are discovering the joys of a summer at Sunset Bay, from sailing and swimming in the ocean to walking on the boardwalks and attending day camp, both of the girls are thrilled. But the best discovery of all for Eleanor is meeting Melissa and Gina Douglas, two sisters who quickly become her first best friends.

Gina wants to be brave. More than not being scared to go out into the waves or something small like that but true and real bravery. Melissa needs to learn how to be humble, more than not jumping up and down when you win, or something petty like that, but be honestly humble. Eleanor wants to be different. Not just wearing her hair differently than others, but to be truly extraordinary.

Will the girls be able to find the key to unlock the answers to their problems before the summer is over and Eleanor goes back to her home? One thing’s for sure though: It will be a summer the girls never forget.

Other than that, I have a project called Finding Violet in the works, plus a few others. 

•Do you prefer film or digital cameras, and why?

So. . . spoiler alert! I’ve never used a film camera. 😛 I really wouldn’t know. But I have heard many times that digital takes much better photos, so if I had an option, I’d probably go with digital. 

•What is your favorite place/thing to photograph? 

Nature! I love wandering around our woods and looking around at the beautiful things that God has created inside of it. 

•What advice would you give to aspiring creatives, writers, photographers, and crafters to encourage them? 

Observe and look for inspiration. There is inspiration waiting for you wherever you go, and you just have to find it. So. . . don’t give up. Keep your eyes open and you will find the inspiration and motivation you need to keep going.

•What is one question you wish that I had asked you?

Ah, I loved all your questions. . . I have no idea to be honest. XD Thank you so much for doing this with me, BetsyJane! ❤ 

Thank you for doing the interview, Pearl! It was fun.

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