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The mega-fan is excited AGAIN!!

My favorite band is for KING & COUNTRY, and recently (like, today!) they announced that they’re starting a huge project. I wonder what it is? Now I’m super excited- I can’t wait to see what they have planned. I don’t think it’s an album, because yes thats a huge deal but not that huge, considering they’ve already done 4+ albums. I’m thinking a movie maybe? A book? Huge special tour? Who knows? And now I can’t wait to see what it is. What do you think? Any predictions?

Screenshot from their website’s Instagram widget

6 thoughts on “The mega-fan is excited AGAIN!!”

  1. For King and Country is such a great band! I used to listen to some of their songs, but I started listening to more of their music after reading a blog post of yours about them! I wonder what they’re working on.

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