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Blog Collab: How to Start…Knitting

Hey, and welcome to my first ever blog collab, and also my first collab with Rebekah from Books And Hooks! Thanks for doing this, Rebekah- it was lots of fun. Be sure to go and check out her blog, and read her post on How To Start Crocheting.

Pick a Project:

Woman Knitting

First, decide what you are hoping to make. If this is your first project, you should probably knit something small, with chunky yarn, like this twisted headband. Don’t choose a huge, complicated project for your first time- stick to easy/beginner pattern.

You can find free patterns all over the internet, but some of the good places to start are Ravelry and LoveCrafts. On these sites, you can find patterns within specific categories, like “beginner,” “chunky yarn” and “free patterns.” Here are a few more easy projects from StudioKnits that are super fun.

Pick a Yarn:

four skeins of yarn on a wooden board, with knitting needles next to them

On your pattern, it will tell you what weight of yarn you need; worsted, chunky, etc. Weight simply refers to the thickness of the yarn, lace being the smallest and chunky being the biggest.

You can buy yarn online, or in crafting stores like Hobby Lobby, JoAnne’s, and even Walmart. Pick any color you want, just make sure it is the correct weight. (Check the label.) Go crazy- there is SO much fun yarn out there- sparkly, multi-color, self-striping, you name it!

Start Knitting:

At some point, you’re just going to start knitting! When you are first starting, don’t go for speed, go for accuracy and good technique, and also make sure you are holding the needles in a way that lets you knit comfortably without straining.

Don’t Give Up:

You will make mistakes (I definitely did!) but keep trying. You will eventually get the hang of it, I promise! If you get really frustrated, put your knitting away for the rest of the day, and come back to it later when you’re not frustrated.

Watch Tutorials:

If a picture is worth a thousand words, than a tutorial must be worth several thousand! There are thousands of tutorials out there, and that can be overwhelming. I found some tutorials that are basic, helpful and to the point that will help you as you begin to knit. Here are tutorials for casting on, the basic knit stitch, purl stitches, and casting off. Refer to these as needed, and Google more specific tutorials as you go on to learn new stitches and techniques.

Talk To A Knitter You Know:

My mom taught me how to knit, and that was super helpful. She still helps me when I get stuck and don’t know how to read the pattern or do a certain stitch. I’m sure you know someone who is a knitter, and they would probably love to share tips and tricks with you, and help you get started. Talk to some of your knitter friends and see if they would be willing to meet and help you out a bit. I’m sure that they would love to be of assistance!

Take Your Knitting With You:

An awesome perk to knitting is its portability. You can put your knitting project in a bag or backpack, and take it with you so you can knit on long car rides (skip that if you are prone to motion sickness…), while you’re waiting for an appointment, at your friend’s house, or even on your lunch break. Make sure to put your yarn, pattern, needles, scissors and a pencil in your bag, so you’ll be ready for anything!

Have Fun!

Ultimately, you should enjoy yourself, and be proud of the awesome projects you’ve completed. Happy knitting!

Be sure to check out Rebekah’s post to learn how to crochet- it is really helpful! Thanks for collaborating, Rebekah!

Do you know how to knit, or do you want to learn?


7 thoughts on “Blog Collab: How to Start…Knitting”

  1. I’m glad you liked it! I’m looking forward to reading your post! I think I might try crocheting sometime, because that flower chain you posted about awhile ago looks really cute!

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  2. Awesome post! I actually picked up a pair of knitting needles the other day, and I’m starting to practice a bit! It is definitely fun, but a bit challenging as well! This post helped out a lot!
    Thanks for doing this collab with me! I had lots of fun writing my post and reading yours! Mine will be up in a few minutes!

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