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Life On a Farm: The Animals!

As you may know, I live on a tiny farm with my parents and one of my sisters, A. We have lived on this farm basically my whole life, and I can’t imagine growing up anywhere else. I have grown up helping to produce the food my family eats, and that other people would enjoy as well.

Disclaimer: Me thinks this is going to be a bit scattered- but that’s not unusual for my blog! I think I might do a weekly post about living on a farm instead of jamming my entire childhood into one post XD. Today, we will concentrate on the animals we currently have. Except for this picture of me from like 10 years ago, holding a chicken. I guess I liked chickens more then…

We are mainly a vegetable farm, but we have also raised pigs, chickens, sheep, a donkey, turkeys and steers at one point or another. I like all of those animals, except for chickens. I detest chickens. Anyway, we currently have layer hens (chickens that are raised for laying eggs, as opposed to being raised for meat), two steers, a donkey, and a cat. Does the cat count as a farm animal?

Our lovely steer, Wellington Xavier Bassett (does anyone get that reference?) but for short, Welli.

So much wet nose! He really likes to lick people…yes, it is kind of gross.

Lil’ baby Welli- he’s so little!

One more photo of Welli… he’s a very willing model for pictures! Unlike the new calf, Sammy. Which is why there are no pictures of Sammy to share. Just imagine a black and white calf. That’s Sammy.

Next, we have Daisy Mae. Anna and I got her from our honorary grandparents from our church, Jere and Arlene, when I was 7.

A and I with our honorary grandparents

Daisy also happens to be a very photogenic creature. If you hop over to my mom’s blog, you’ll see Daisy starring in many quilt pictures- she adds a lovely touch, don’t you think?

Daisy with her fluffy winter hair!

I did find a picture of Sammy- he’s a sweetie!

Next, we’ve got the cat. (I can’t find any pictures of our chickens…we’ll come back to them another time.)

I mean, how sweet is she? She is also *usually* a willing photo subject, which is why I found so many pictures of her in our camera roll…

that’s a little close, millie!

Well, that’s all for now! What is your favorite animal from this post? Did you have a favorite picture? Do any of you live on a farm? Let me know in the comments! And in the words of Jamie Grace– be sure to like, subscribe and tell a friend to tell a friend!

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