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The Rambling and Quote-and-Picture Riddled Post About Biking…

Ha! I think for once I don’t need an explanation for my post- I think the title pretty much says it all XD and now I just explained why I wasn’t doing an explanation…Oh well, let’s just jump right in! (I say that a lot too!)

“The bicycle is a curious vehicle. Its passenger is its engine.

– John Howard, US cyclist

This summer, I’ve gotten into biking, mostly because I have been training to do two triathlons with my sisters. But what started out of “necessity” has now become one of my favorite activities!

Biking is enjoyable in many ways- I get to be outside doing something interesting, I am working toward a goal (doing well in triathlons) and plus, its gorgeous around here! I live in a mysterious, undisclosed and password protected location somewhere in the eastern half of the United States, and the scenery is just beautiful! I have learned a lot more about the back roads of our fine area as I huff and puff my way up hills, haha!

It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them.

— Ernest Hemingway, US author BikeRadar / Immediate Media

I mean, isn’t that gorgeous? The sun was hitting the rocks just right. I go by this every time I go biking. I generally go 15-20 miles, and it is always interesting to look at all the stuff. I mean, I am kinda a nosey person so I do find it interesting to watch things I go by…*grins sheepishly*

A rustic red barn- it looks pretty with the blue sky!

The red eft is so ADORABLE! I am not a huge fan of things that creep and crawl- but I will make an exception for this adorable little guy! I stopped for a few minutes to take pictures of it (He wasn’t sure what to think of the impromptu photo shoot) and they turned out kinda out of focus, but still cute!

I turned my phone upside down for the the red eft pictures. It makes pictures more interesting!

Biking can definitely be exhausting and sometimes I’m like “WHYYYYYY DID I GO SO FAR ‘CAUSE NOW I HAVE TO GO ALLLLLL THE WAY HOMEE!” But after awhile, I start having fun again- and then I’m like “Dude, I should’ve gone farther.” It’s all about perspective I guess!

When you ride a bike and you get your heart rate up and you’re out, after 30 or 40 minutes your mind tends to expand; it tends to relax.

— George W. Bush, former US President

I have been having so much fun biking this summer- I’m sad that it’s going to be winter soon. I will definitely miss the relaxing bike rides! But there’s still some time- so go out there and ride a bike! Thank you for reading this LONG and scattered post, have a beautiful day!

Learn to ride a bicycle. You will not regret it if you live.

— Mark Twain, US author and humorist

All photos taken with an iPhone 8. The AWESOME quotes (and lots more) about biking were found on on this post. If I could have fit more quotes into this post, I would’ve- but the post was getting long! Seriously though, check them out if you have a minute…


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