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Ready..Set…Back To School!

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The end of summer means back to school! Monday was our official first day. My sister and I wrote this article for our newspaper, and I thought I would share it with you.

What is something school has taught you that is not academic?

Betsy: Two things I have learned (and am still learning!) are time management and self-motivation. Each week, we are given our assignments for the week, and it is our responsibility to get them done by Friday. Procrastination is definitely a weakness of mine, and that format of assignments is a good way for me to practice being motivated and getting stuff done.

Anna: School has taught me so much about time management. Like Betsy said, each week Mom gives us a list of our assignments for the week, and I’m responsible for making sure everything is done by Friday afternoon. How I get things done by then is up to me, so I’ve learned how to work diligently on assignments so that I can move on to the next one.

What is something you learned this year that you didn’t know before?

Betsy: Did you know that if you took the strand of DNA from one cell, and stretched it out, it would be over 2 yards long? And there are trillions of cells in your body that contain DNA!

Anna: I have learned how to make a circle out of straight lines. It’s a math concept! The pattern is called an envelope. While it looked complicated at first, once I learned how it’s made, I enjoy making the pattern.

What subject are you most interested in this year?

Betsy: Probably biology, or health and nutrition. I think that things like genetics and DNA, the science behind how your body works, and things like that are fascinating- human bodies are so intricate! I am also looking forward to Biblical Worldview, which is an “examination of science, the arts, government, gender, and history using the lenses provided by the biblical storyline of Creation, Fall, Redemption.” It is designed for high school students so they can learn how to make positive impacts in their world.

Anna: English, for sure. I’m doing Literature and Composition II online, and I’ve enjoyed what I’ve learned so far. English has always been one of my best subjects and my favorite. I like learning about words and analyzing different types of literature. The other subject I’m looking forward to is biology. It’s not as easy as some of the sciences I’ve done in the past, but I like the challenge. I’m looking forward to the labs and dissections we’ll be doing later this year.

What is one goal you have for this school year?

Betsy: I have a lot! I think the biggest one is to get good grades, especially in science and English. I am also hoping to learn a lot from the Biblical Worldview class, the curriculum is very thorough and I know I will learn a lot of new stuff it.

Anna: To work hard at all my classes, even the ones that I don’t like as much. I’d also like to try to get all my school done by Friday morning, so that I have the afternoon free for other things I need to do and enjoy.

What project or assignment are you looking forward to the most?

Betsy: Health and Nutrition has a lot of interesting reports/studies that will be fun. Like one we wrote this week, about a famous talented family, and how nature (inherited talents and skills) and nurture (home environments, family life, etc.) affected their success. That was a fun project, and I know there are a lot more coming.

Anna: Health and Nutrition, for the same reason as Betsy. I’ve heard about the difference between nurture and nature before, but the assignment the other day taught me more about the two and how they influence our lives.

Are you homeschooled? Do you think you would like it? Are there any questions you have always wanted to ask a homeschooler? I am really glad to have the opportunity to be homeschooled. Follow my blog for more posts about being homeschooled, and life in general!


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