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Triathlon #1 is in the books!

Pre-race. We’re all very excited!

Every year, I do a triathlon with my sisters A and M. This is the third year we have participated, and it has become a fun tradition. Our team is called Corn, Beans and Squash- the three sisters. I am super excited to tell you about it, hence this long and many-pictured post!

This year, we switched up who did which event. A ran 3.6 miles (36 minutes), M kayaked 4.3 miles (58 minutes) and I biked 15.3 miles (58 minutes).

Running was the first event, so we all went to the boat launch to wait for A. Unfortunately there are no pictures of her running, but she did a great job! I played with my nieces and nephews while we were waiting- they were skipping rocks and playing until A came.

There were around 75 individuals/teams participating in the triathlon this year, and it was interesting to look at all the kayaks. From the super-narrow racing kayaks to the short-and-fat ones, there was a lot of variety.

Then, A came running down the hill and tagged M, and she was off! The river was really low this year, and there wasn’t any current to speak of. That was a bit more challenging, but M made it downriver without any issues. We saw her coming, and so I got my bike off the racks and ready. I couldn’t wait to go!

I crossed the road and was off! I found it to be a bit challenging at first while my muscles were getting adjusted. The course is uphill for about 6.5 miles, and is mostly downhill/flat on the way back. There were other racers around, and that definitely pushed me to keep me going faster. Once I got to the turnaround, it was a lot easier. It was really fun to go sailing down hill- that is always my favorite part.

Finally, after 2 hours, 31 minutes and 7.15 seconds we finished it!


We got second place in the women’s team category. I feel like we did really well, and I can’t wait to do another triathlon in October.

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