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Pass It On

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Every year, my sisters (M and A) do a triathlon together. This year, I am doing the biking portion, and I have been training a lot. Recently, something really cool happened, and I wanted to share it with you! 

I had looking online for a used road bike for a few weeks. My old mountain bike was very old and didn’t shift well, and the brakes were shot. I finally found one on Facebook Marketplace, and it was on the high end of my price range for a new bike. But it was my favorite color, in great condition, local, and exactly what I was looking for! 

Daddy and I went to look at it a few days later, and I was planning to offer the woman, Hope, $50 less than the listed price, to see if she would accept that. We got there, and the bike was perfect! We were talking about how I go biking, and we both do triathlons. She was really cool, (she’s a teacher) and then she told me she would sell it to me for $150 less than she listed it for. 

I was super shocked, because it was in such fabulous condition. I thanked her, and we took it to the bike shop to get new pedals (I don’t use the clip on bike shoes, which the pedals were designed for) and then went home.

I was so excited to show my mom, and ride it! When we drove in, my mom was waiting for us and she told us to come in, she had something to tell us. Mom said that Hope had messaged her and said she wanted to just give me the bike, because I was genuinely excited for it and loved the bike! Then she refunded all my money. 

A total stranger gave me a bike that was super well cared for, works perfectly, and was exactly what I was looking for! (did I mention it’s even my favorite color?!) I am so excited, and I have been riding it almost every day. It is so lovely! 

Thank you for reading my long winded story, that was definitely something that made a huge impact on me. 💜 


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